jungwoo choi

This place has the best chiropractor and accupuncturist in town. The doctor I can definitely assure you is one of the best accupuncturist and best chiropractist in this town. The service is absoulutley fantastic the people who schedule and the nurses are extremly skilled at managing and sheduling so if you have any problems they wlll give a urgent time as early as possible. The place has many equipment that is well suited and exceeds in good sanitary check ups. The treatment he does are extrmely porfessional and I can 100% garuntee he and his team will fix sprains, spinal problems,bone issues,Posture pain, lower back Pain, etc. Plus the people who are waiting will get free service with a massage machine. This place is also excellent with old people age 40+ I reccomend to treat back injuries quickly. He is also very effcient with the treatment and also not wasting time on you. The price is also very resonable and is not ebing overcharged. They also accept car inusrance to treat car injuries etc. I would 100% garuntee this place is simply wonderful