Mol B

My experience with Dr. Jang and his staff have been truly a blessing. I always look forward to going because of the great care and welcoming atmosphere. I started seeing Dr. Jang for neck pain and headaches, and was very impressed with the time he took to address the issues, and it was amazing how he was able to relieve the pain and stop the headaches in a short period of time. I asked him about chronic ankle/Achilles pain that I was having in my right foot, but was not expecting much since I had been to both a podiatrist and physical therapy for months, and it had not gotten any better. Dr. Jang worked on my ankle and also performed dry needling, and it was truly a miracle. I have now been pain free for over three months! I had never heard of dry needling, but based on my experience, it works well. I was limping with that ankle/heel pain for almost a year with no relief. Dry needling gave me back that mobility. Thank you, Dr Jang, not only for your results but for such a positive experience! (I also have to give a shoutout to Rachel who has taken great care of my comfort since I started going there!)